The City of North Chicago is a home rule municipality governed by a Mayor and City Council comprised of seven Aldermen. The Mayor and Aldermen are elected to four-year terms and may be elected for an indefinite number of terms. Aldermen represent specific Wards in the City. (See Ward Map)  This legislative body determines the strategic mission and vision, formulates policy, approves the annual budget, and determines the property tax rate. The Mayor operates as chief administrative officer of the City, and is responsible for direction and supervision of the day-to-day affairs, activities and services of the City.


The City of North Chicago voted on August 15, 2022 to adjust the Wards based on the 2020 Census.  The adjustments were made in an attempt to balance the number of voters in each Ward.  These changes were effective immediately and will be reflected in the 2023 election.  North Chicago Citizens are urged to review their Ward status on the new Ward map.