Lead Water Service Line Project

Lead Water Service Line Replacement Project – First Round


The City of North Chicago Public Works Department is in the process of identifying lead water service lines (LSL) within the City and creating a plan for future replacement of both public and private lead water service lines. Your cooperation in completing the online survey is essential in assisting the City with identifying the location of these lead services.


Please note that the source of North Chicago’s drinking water contains no lead.  And the City’s water mains that carry the water to your home or business are not make of lead. However, lead was commonly used as a material in plumbing prior to the mid-1950s. This practice was not banned until 1986. If water service lines or home plumbing are made with lead, they could introduce lead into your drinking water. The surest way to keep your household safe is to identify and eliminate potential sources of lead. The City wants to help in that process.


The City has just been informed that North Chicago has just been authorized to receive monies through this grant for the first round of water service replacements.  The City will be looking for alternative ways to acquire additional grant funding through State and Federal agencies aid in the replacement of lead water service lines.


If your property meets the program criteria for replacement within this first round, the potential that your lead water service line from the water main into the home could be replaced at zero cost to you. A typical water service line replacement can range upwards of $10,000 - $15,000.


Please note that if your home’s water service line qualifies for replacement, it will be added to the first round of replacements.  It is important that you do not delay, as there may be costs to residents who do not make it into the first round of service line replacements.


What’s a Water Service Line?

A water service line is the smaller pipe that delivers water from the City water main, which can be in the street or the back or side yards of your home. The service line runs from the City’s water main to the water shut off just past the water meter inside of the home.

The City is responsible for the water service from the water main to the property line. The property owner is responsible from the property line to the building, including all the plumbing inside of the building.

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Your help is needed to identify service line materials in your home. The City will be dropping off the Lead Water Service Line Replacement Project – First Round information document, which includes a link to the survey for you to complete. You can complete this survey online by following the link with a digital device. If you are unable to complete the survey on a computer or mobile device, please check with your neighbor, friend, or family member for assistance.  I you need additional assistance please call the Public Works Department at 630.377.4405 for assistance.


How can I prepare and identify service line material?

There are several ways to determine your service line material. Identification is easy, but you may wish to hire a licensed plumber who can check the line and seek out other potential sources of lead in your plumbing.


Most water services enter the home in the basement or crawl space. If you don’t have either of these you are on a slab foundation, the service line would be on the first floor. Because we want to identify the water service and not the home plumbing system, it’s important to find the location. This will be the same location where your water meter and main plumbing valve is located.


There are four material types: Lead, Copper, Galvanized Steel and Plastic.  

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If you have not yet received the information regarding the home collection app for the Lead Water Service Line Replacement Project – First Round.  Please contact the Public Works Department at (847) 596-8870 we will ensure that you receive the information page that includes the website where you can complete the simple survey and will also include URL code where you can complete the simple survey on your phone.

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