PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: North Shore Gas Checking Sewer Lines


NORTH CHICAGO, Ill. ­­­­­­­­­­− North Shore Gas will be checking sewer lines in the City of North Chicago (CNC) as a precaution. This is because a natural gas line can intersect with sewer lines. This checking process will begin in the next 1-2 weeks from now.

North Shore Gas (NSG) previously upgraded the natural gas pipes in the CNC by using a trenchless digging technology to minimize disruption to citywide streets, parkways, sidewalks, and lawns through the installation of new pipes.

In most cases, the NSG contractor will be able to inspect sewer lines from the street. However, if the contractor cannot inspect from the street, they will contact the resident in order to gain access to said resident’s home or business.

The aforementioned contractor may also need to inspect the section of the storm sewer line that carries rainwater between the downspouts on the resident’s building and storm sewer. By doing so, that could involve a temporary removal of the downspouts. In some cases, the contractor may need to dig a few small holes to verify the location of the natural gas pipe and storm sewer line.

If the contractor determines that the sanitary or sewer line became damaged during the installation of natural gas pipes, they will undergo all needed repairs at no additional cost to the occupant of the building. Any disruption to the downspouts, landscaping, sidewalk, parkway, and/or street will also be repaired at no additional fee.

NSG will send a service technician to determine whether any potential conflict exists between their natural gas pipes and the resident’s/occupant’s sewer line.

System Integrity from NSG apologizes for this possible inconvenience as it pertains to the residents and business owners of CNC. Feel free to call them with any questions or concerns at 866-573-6867. Residents are more than welcome to call North Shore Gas if the sewer line is currently clogged or backed up at the aforesaid phone number.

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