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Multi-year Capital Plan Fiscal Years 2023-2032

Compensation Disclosure - Public Act 97-0607

Annual Budget - Fiscal Year 2023

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City Salary Ordinance 2018-2019

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Collective Bargaining Agreement 

ICOPS – Patrol 2017-2021

ICOPS - Sergeants 2016-2019

Fraternal Order of Police - Telecommunicators 2017-2021

IAFF - International Association of Firefighters 2018-2023

SEIU – Service Employees International Union 2017-2022




Advertisement for Bids: Water Treatment Plant Intake Valve Vault Repairs

Invitation to Bid: Storm Sewer Cleaning and Televising

Invitation to Bid: FY2023 Sanitary Sewer Cleaning and Televising


Invitation to Bid: 2022 CDBG Sanitary Sewer Lining

Invitation to Bid: Demolition 2022

Invitation to Bid: Road Resurfacing 2022

Invitation to Bid: Sale of Surplus Vehicles for the City of North Chicago

Invitation to Bid: Janitorial Services for the City of North Chicago

Invitation to Bid: Landscape/Lawn Maintenance Services for the City of North Chicago

Invitation to Bid: Vegetation Abatement Services for the City of North Chicago



Invitation to Bid: Municipal Building Roof Repair


Notice of Public Sale - 2920 20th Place (PIN: 12-06-210-027)

Notice of Public Sale - 0 Fairway Lane (PIN: 08-31-414-008)

Notice of Public Sale - 1713 Elizabeth Avenue (PIN: 08-32-428-006)

Invitation to Bid: 14th Street Water Main Replacement

Notice of Public Sale - 0 Kemble Avenue (PIN: 12-05-222-024)


CDBG Fast Track Demolition Program

14th Street Sanitary Sewers Spot Repairs

Snow and Ice Control Services

Notice of Public Sale - 2625 25th Street

Notice of Public Sale - 1113 McAlister Avenue

MFT Street Resurfacing Program

Water Main Replacement

Demolition: 421 Street

14th Street Sewer Cleaning and Televising



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