Garage Sales:

Garage sales are permitted for three (3) consecutive days between the hours of 9 am- sunset.  A maximum of three (3) sales per calendar year are allowed with a minimum of 30 days between sales. Garage sales also include sales such as basement, house, yard, estate and other similar occasional sales.

Permits shall be obtained at least 72 hours prior to the date of sale. 

Garage sale signs are only permitted on residential property of the person obtaining the permit and must be removed on the final day.


Electronics Recycling:

Unwanted electronics can be dropped off at

     Public Works City Yard

     1421 Renken Drive

     North Chicago, IL 60064



Fire Hydrants:

The City's fire hydrants are flushed to clean out iron deposits in the water lines, to verify the hydrants are working properly and to assure continued high quality drinking water.

During the process some water discoloration may be experienced.  If this occurs run the cold water until it becomes clear.


Overnight Parking:

Unless granted special permission, no one is allowed to park on any street overnight between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM.


Street Light Outages:

Contact the Public Works Department at 847-596-8870 to report street light outage.



Contact the Public Works Department at 847-596-8870 to report a pothole on a local road.


Yard Waste:

All yard waste (grass, leaves, twigs/brush, weeds) will be collected on the day of service, beginning March 15 through December 15. Each resident is allowed 6 items per week and an unlimited amount during the months of October and November.

Yard waste should be contained in either a 32-gallon plastic can labeled “YARD WASTE” or 32-gallon biodegradable PAPER bag. Branches should be bundled and cannot exceed 2 inches in diameter or 4 feet in length. All bags and containers should not exceed 50 pounds.


Tree Removal and Trimming:

The City performs tree removal and trimming upon request. We inspect each request to ensure it is something that is truly needed.