City Council

The City of North Chicago is divided into seven legislative districts or wards. Each district is represented by an alderman who is elected by their constituency to serve a four-year term. In addition to representing the interests of their ward residents, together the seven aldermen comprise the City of North Chicago’s City Council, which serves as the legislative branch of government of the City of North Chicago.

The City of North Chicago voted on August 15, 2022 to adjust the Wards based on the 2020 Census.  The adjustments were made in an attempt to balance the number of voters in each Ward.  These changes were effective immediately and will be reflected in the 2023 election.  North Chicago Citizens are urged to review their Ward status on the new Ward map.


Ward 1 - Alderman Michael R. Jackson

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 1


Cell:  224-284-1672

P.O. Box 625
North Chicago, IL 60064


Ward 2 - Alderman Anthony D. Coleman 

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 2



Ward 3 - Alderman Carl Evans 

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 3



Ward 4 - Alderman Bobby Allen

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 4



Ward 5 - Alderman Kenneth Smith

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 5



Ward 6 - Alderman Dona C. Murphy 

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 6



Ward 7 - Alderman Kathy January

Telephone: 847-596-8889 ext. 7